I’m British, live in Santa Cruz, CA, and like to think.

I’m also the author of the forthcoming Roboteer trilogy from Gollancz, which you can find out more about here.

The aim of this blog is to act as a gathering place for the ideas I come up with. My other blogs have been poorly maintained to date, as I tend to wander from one subject to the next, and nothing receives my focus for long. With The Tinker Point, I intend to make the aimless accretion of ideas the goal of the project.

The name of the blog comes from my vision of what will happen in the future instead of a ‘singularity’. I don’t see technology taking off and turning us into gods. Rather, I suspect that no intelligent species gets past the point where it’s easier to muck about with the stuff that they’re made of than to not. This point is the Tinker Point. Reaching it doesn’t entail immediate disaster–it’s more like a glass ceiling that you can’t get past for reasons of computability and complexity.

My good friend Eric Huff suggested the name and it seemed appropriate. As well as a point for tinkering, this blog also aims to capture ideas that are as close to the edge of transformative chaos as I can get.

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